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painting live on

March 24, 2016

It’s been far too long since I last updated you with news, and to be honest, it’s because there’s been so much happening that time just got away from me. Anyway, let me fill you in.

I suppose the most significant news is that since October 2015, I have been doing nearly all of my work on camera in front of a live internet audience on under the screen name Mr_NightSky. Creative streaming is advancing quickly and there are a growing number of amazing artists sharing their creative processes from beginning to end through live streaming services. It’s rewarding to be able to see artworks in progress, watch different techniques being applied in real-time, and to be able to interact with the artists via chat while watching to ask questions and get instant responses. In some ways it’s like a fun interactive classroom environment (with great music and the occasional off-topic conversation). If only technology of this kind had existed centuries ago and we could learn from archived videos of the great masters at work, what an amazing learning tool it would be! Imaging having access to hours and hours of John-Singer Sargent discussing his technique or listening Francis Bacon try to explain his imagery as he paints. Documenting the creative process has always been important, and this is becoming more thorough and easy to integrate than ever through live streaming, so I’m excited to be on the front lines. It’s also a rewarding and motivating experience to get feedback from a dedicated audience. Thank you to anyone who has been there supporting the stream and interacting with me!

You  can watch me on  (create your own free account to get notifications each time I go live) and if you want to see some of my past streams, you can see them on my YouTube page



Through live streaming and accessing a wider audience, I’ve had a growing number of requests for prints of my work. So, working with a local printer in Holborn, London, I am now able to offer high quality custom prints of any works on my website for a reasonable price. They are printed on professional quality heavy-weight 300gsm paper and the colours come out beautifully. They can be printed in any size to meet individual space requirements, and I can ship anywhere in the world. Each print will be hand signed.

If you have seen a piece on my website that you would like to own, you can now order prints (or the original where available) directly by messaging me through my contact page. Include details of the approximate size you would like and I’ll get back to you with prices.

I’ve had a range of my most requested pieces pre-printed in smaller sizes, approximately 11 x 17 in. (28 x 46 cm) or smaller, available for £30 + shipping each from my new Big Cartel online store at, or by messaging me through my contact page.




A range of signed fine art prints for sale


My Big Cartel store (also accessible by clicking ‘Shop’ in the menu to the left) also lists some of my recent and past original works which are available for purchase. One new piece listed for purchase is 275 St Leonards, the second in a series of oil paintings of darkened suburban doorways (the first was A Dark Walk), a theme that I plan to continue revisiting in the future.




 275 St Leonards


Beyond this, I’ve complete a number of new paintings, and have many more on the to-do list, both commissioned and non-commissioned. I’m currently working on the second-largest painting I’ve ever undertaken, a commission depicting flats in Kensington, London. You can tune into my channel on Twitch anytime I’m painting and watch me work on it live on

Here are a few pieces completed over the past months. I’ll update you again when anything of note comes up. Until then, thank you for reading and stopping by the site. Cheers!


– Joel



 Camberwell Snooker Club




Hope Springs Eternal




Night in the English Wood

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